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Friday, April 1, 2011

My journey into the orchid world..

           When I first started collecting orchids seriously in 2000, It was all by myself. I hardly knew any hobbyist, orchid nurseries or vendors, so to get more information about orchid I've bought a book on how to grow botanical orchids since it was my first interest. During that time all I think about was orchid almost 24/7. It was crazy..I took whatever wild species of orchid that I've found. The excitement when finding wild orchids gave me some sort of feeling like I've found a living treasure.. The urge to collect more orchid made me do some ridiculous or sometimes kind a dangerous act that I wouldn't say it here.. :) Officially, orchids took over my life. It was quite an adventure in a sense of all that I've been doing are quite foolish and some, kind a extreme..anyway its part of the life experiences that I'll never forget..but what can you say once an orchid fever struck you, it would never heal..
           As days gone by I began to know more people who has the same interest. Growing orchid made me realized that there are more to them than meets the eye. Each has their own personality that I need to understand, so that they could reward me with their beautiful bloom. They are so diverse and unique that none of other plants could match.

I will be using both English and Malay language in this blog, so feel free to comment in either language..

This plant grow so big now even without much care and soon I need to find a larger container..

Dendrobium leonis ini juga hampir seusia dengan Coel. asperata yang saya jumpa di satu kawasan air terjun. 

This dendrobium was also among the earliest orchids that I've collected.

Dendrobium farmeri yang saya beli pada tahun 2001 di Pesta Bunga Pulau Pinang.

A beautiful local species that is still growing strong, though the flowers lasts for only about a week.

"A flower at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books."
-  Walt Whitman

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