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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Orchid Perfume...

          Sorry for being in a hiatus for quite sometime, I've been busy as hell last month, but now I'm back, during that time there are so many things happens that related to orchids of course !..and now I don't know which one I should post first, 

          Ok I'll choose the simple ones about an orchid inspired perfume, as you know some orchids has a very pleasing fragrance, such as Cymbidium, Brassavola and Cattleya, combined with the elegance and beauty of their flower, these flower gives an inspiration in creating a signature fragrance that added to the vast collection of perfumes in modern history..

         Dah lama juga rasanya saya tak sempat nak update blog ni,,sibuk sesangat bulan lepas sampai tak ada masa nak buat pos baru langsung..Tapi bulan ni baru la boleh bernafas sikit..Sepanjang 'ketiadaan' saya banyak perkara yang berkisah tentang orkid yang berlaku di sekeliling, tak tau yang mana nak pos dulu..
         Jadi kali ni saya ambil yang ringkas dulu iaitu berkenaan dengan minyak wangi yang diinspirasikan daripada bunga orkid..

         This is from Halle Berry own line of her signature perfume, Pure Orchid.  This is a trend of celebrity nowadays using their names in perfume..but the most important thing was she chose ORCHID.. !

          Ini adalah satu jenama minyak wangi oleh seorang pelakon ternama Hollywood, Halle Berry dengan minyak wanginya Pure Orchid. Benda ni dah jadi trend selebriti Hollywood buat produk macam perfume ni lah..tapi yang penting ialah yang menjadi pilihan tetap bunga ORKID..!

                                            A woman should be like a single flower, not a whole bouquet  
                                                                   - Anna Held

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