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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Night Visitor...

        I've made an entry before of a beetle on my orchid plant, Here's another one that I've found..

 This beetle was resting on an old leaf of Peristeria elata.  
Its quite small, roughly around 3 centimetres..

A close up on the body..reveals a very pretty metallic sheen...

 Its just sits there motionless..
but  I had to be careful while snapping the picture..

Another close up..

 Another shot showing on different angle..

 Another close-up on the body, nice metallic colouration..

 This is my first time seeing this species..
guess this is a nocturnal type..

 A close up shot on the head..

 A view from the front..

Last shot..still not moving..anyway, thanks for 'your cooperation'..!

Kumbang bukan seekor, bunga bukan sekuntum (As if there is only one beetle, as if there is only one flower)  
- Malay proverb

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