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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Orchid Images..

           Today I found another orchid images on a packet of brittle peanut cookies, somebody bought and put it on the coffee table..The flower was used as a trademark of the cookie company..

           I wonder why they use orchid instead of other images, well, I guess the company owner just loves orchid!

          Hari ni OC terjumpa satu lagi imej orkid yang digunakan sebagai  tanda dagangan biskut kacang tumbuk ni.. Entah sapa yang beli, letak atas meja kopi tadi..OC baru baik kerja terus ngap..tau-tau nampak pulak cap  orkid.. Sambil mengunyah, terus snap, snap buat bahan blog..!

          Agaknya tauke syarikat ni berkenan dengan bunga orkid kut..terus dia buat cap pada bungkusan ni..!

           To my foreign visitors, these are delicious cookies made from grounded peanuts mixed with the taste is rather sweet..I shall say that this is a traditional cookies introduced by the Chinese community. Its still popular today as a local sweet treats. For those who have not tasted this, I said you must! Originally it was wrapped in a thin grease paper..but this one is in a modern packaging..eating this is a rather messy, cause its crumbly, but that's part of the charm..!

           Orang Malaysia semua tahu biskut ni..jadi saya tak payah cerita panjang lah..

 The Cattleya orchid was featured as an official trademark of this product.

Nampak dengan jelas, orkid Cattleya dijadikan tanda dagangan rasmi bagi produk ni..

The cookies plastic wrapping also features a tiny clear 'windows' of  Dendrobium flower you can have a peek on the cookies inside..

Pada bungkusan kacang tumbuk ini juga dibuat tetingkap jernih berupa orkid Dendrobium,
jadi bolehlah nampak biskut tu di dalam..

Ok sampai jumpa lagi..

Sincerity is not a spontaneous flower nor is modesty either. 
                                                                     - Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

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