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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Perlis Orchid Show 2011

          On the 24th  of November Perlis Orchid Society had organized a small orchid shows for members. It was held at Taman Herba Perlis..a state Herb garden..Because it was a small shows so there are not many participants..but we are enjoying ourselves there..and of course there are some nice plants..

          For your information Perlis is northernmost and the smallest state in Malaysia..but they are quite active organizing orchid shows..though it took nearly 3 hours to reach there but  as a member, my support was needed..otherwise there will be not much plants to compete..well..the more the merrier..

The entrance to Perlis Forest Herb Garden..

Spathoglottis Hybrid

Dedndrobium bracteosum

Another Den. bracteosum..

Vanda Mimi Palmer

Dendrobium lamellatum

Coelogyne rochussenii

Aerides hybrid

Cattleya labiata semi alba

Cattleya hybrid

Cattleya hybrid

Lc. Chyong Guu Swan

Phalaenopsis cornu cervi hybrid

A specimen sized Phalaenopsis cornu cervi

Habenaria carnea

Second place/ best reserve plants, Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann..

Best Plant of the show..Dendrobium bracteosum red form

The Herbs ought to be distilled when they are in their greatest vigor, and so ought the Flowers also. 
- Nicholas Culpeper

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