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Monday, October 24, 2011

Wild Orchid..not a flower..

         I've been posted about orchid themed songs before, now here's another post that is not exactly about the flowers, but of a female group back in the 90's.. This was because they named their trio Wild Orchid. Maybe the significance of choosing the name has to do with their image and wild orchid in nature.., sexy and beautiful..Though the groups doesn't last long, they do have their hit songs. But one of the group member, Fergie has become one of the major star in entertainment today..after she joined the group Black Eyed Peas..more info about them here

 Their first Album

 Compilation album

 Here's a couple of video of their most famous hit songs..
Talk to me and At night I pray

There is no road of flowers leading to glory 
- Jean de la Fontaine 

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