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Monday, September 5, 2011

At Johnny's..

        If you're serious about orchid and wants to enter orchid competitions, the best way is to join local orchid club..There.. you will meet people who have the same interests. Besides getting new friends,  the most important things is that you can exchange knowledge and information about orchid culture..cause everybody have their own way in caring for their orchids..even though generally the basic of orchid cultivation are more or less the same, its only a guide, there are a slight difference between growers. There is no wrong or right in cultivating orchids, Its a bit of a trial and error..a bit of experimenting this and that. What suits your condition the then your orchids can flourished with the best care that you can give..cause there are certain things that you couldn't get in a book..

        Last Sunday I had a chance to visit my fellow FOMOS member house..Mr. Johnny Cheah..He grow quite a lot of orchids, all the plants looks nice and healthy..He uses a lot of organic fertilizers..especially sheep manure..this is the way that suits him..besides using chemical fertilizers to induce flowering..

Now lets take a look at the pictures below..

         Kalau kita serius dengan orkid dan merancang untuk masuk bertanding, cara yang terbaik ialah dengan  memasuki persatuan orkid di tempat kita..Di sana ramailah orang yang kita jumpa dan sama minat dengan kita. Selain dapat berkenalan dan kawan baru, yang penting di sini ialah kita boleh bertukar-tukar pengetahuan dan informasi tentang orkid..kerana cara setiap orang menanam orkid tak sama walaupun kaedah asasnya serupa, itu sekadar panduan. Tidak ada satu kaedah yang boleh dikatakan tepat, sedikit sebanyak kita kena eksperimen sedikit..cari cara mana yang paling sesuai dengan kita..dan keadaan tempat kita..dengan cara ini barulah orkid yang ditanam boleh membesar dengan kaedah terbaik..kerana ada perkara-perkara yang kita tidak boleh dapat di dalam buku..

         Ahad lepas saya berkesempatan untuk melawat rumah salah seorang ahli FOMOS iaitu En. Johnny Cheah..Banyak juga pokok orkidnya..Sihat-sihat pokoknya..Beliau banyak menggunakan baja tahi kambing yang diletakkan di dalam uncang khas..cara ini mungkin yang paling sesuai untuk beliau..di samping menggunakan baja kimia untuk menggalakkan bunga.

Kita tengok gambar di bawah..

 Rows of hanging orchids in the frontyard..

 A specimen sized Dendrobium farmeri and few others 
hanging on the edge of the orchid shade.

 A mix of hybrids and species..

 Mini Dendrobium hybrid.

 Another view of mini Dendrobium in flower..

 Nice Tolumnia hybrid.

 Mr. Cheah optimized every space outside of the house..
here is the balcony where he turned into an orchid garden..

 Another view..

 Rows of hanging orchids.. mostly cattleya on the balcony..

 Other plants sitting on the balcony's edge..

 Another view..

 If you have a space issue 
especially when you live in a flats or terrace 
you've got to make full use of it..

 Orchids on the balcony's floor.

 Hard leaved Oncidiums..

Because this is a shady place, 
and received only a few hours of morning sun, 
Mr Cheah have to switch on the lights for a few hours daily at night.

"To create a little flower is the labor of ages."
-  William Blake

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