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Monday, September 5, 2011

Mini Orchid Show..

This is for Roza, my ex students, thanks for being my 6th blog followers..

           Jom tengok gambar-gambar dari 'FOMOS Orchid Show' pada hari Ahad lepas, 4 September 2011 di Kebun Bunga Pulau Pinang. kali ni hanya show kecil. I hari sahaja..Masuk pagi, petang balik..Banyak jugak entri pokok-pokok dari ahli persatuan yang meruntun jiwa dan menggoncang hati..

          Now lets see pictures of another FOMOS Orchid Show last Sunday, 4th September 2011..The show was held in Penang Botanical Garden. Just a small show for only a day..Started in the morning, finished by late afternoon..This time there are quite a lot of entry from our members..Lots of nice plants on display..

"Bread feeds the body indeed, but the flowers also feed the soul."
-  The Koran


  1. Beautiful plants and great picturesI I wish there were names, because I saw couple that would go on the top of my wishlist:)

  2. Beautiful displays. How do you call the 7th photo with pink flowers. It's my first time to see that! thanks.

  3. Andrea, that was Habenaria rhodocheila pink form..this terrestrial species have many other colours such as Red, various shades of orange and yellows..

  4. Hi orchideya..just ask me which pictures according to their order, which one do you like..