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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Night Visitor...

        After the last post about this topic, I think It was quite fun discovering new 'visitors' on my orchids..not pests of course !.. some of the discovery was quite interesting.. Last night while looking at my orchids, again,.. under the orchid shade,  I saw a beetle that I've never seen before in my life..This is a first time I saw this species..maybe it was nocturnal or it just simply to hard to see or haven't yet stumbled upon during the day..

        Selepas pos berkenaan 'pelawat' orkid yang lalu, rasanya menarik juga berjumpa dengan 'something new' ni..Tapi yang pasti bukan makhluk perosak orkid la!..Ada di antara fauna yang saya jumpa tu memang bukan yang selalu kita lihat..Semalam masa saya ronda-ronda di rumah orkid ternampak pula kumbang ni..Tak pastilah spesis apa..tapi memang saya tak pernah tengok lagi..mungklin kumbang ni dari jenis yang 'keluar malam' kut..atau pada waktu siang susah nak nampak..

 This is the tiny beetle that I've found..
resting on Cattleya's sheath. 

This is a very pretty beetle. 
Love the contrasting colours of black and yellow patterns..

  A view from different angle..

Close up of the beetle's head. 
A very slight other angle than the picture above.

Its a nice, cute little beetle!

The moon looks upon many night flowers; 
the night flowers see but one moon..
- Jean Ingelow


  1. I can't help with the ID but this beetle looks familiar -- I wonder if another blogger recently posted about something similar? Your pictures are excellent and that should help someone who knows what it is to recognize it right off.

  2. Thanks for the response..Yeah,I hope so.