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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jalan-Jalan Cari Orkid : Bangkok, Thailand..Part 3

 day I've visited Pachara Orchids Farm..A big farm surrounded by paddy fields and sugar canes plantation..and this time around, I hope to see other orchids species but instead we have the same old Vandas and Ascocenda..anyway, there was a slightly difference here than previous farms that I've visited..lets have a look..

         ..hari berikutnya saya dibawa melawat ke ladang 'Pachara Orchids Farm'....tempat ni pun luas.. juga terletak di kawasan sawah dan ladang tebu..kali ni harap-harap dapat la tengok orkid jenis lain pulak tapi sama juga..tak Vanda, Ascocenda..Tapi ada sedikit kelainan dari ladang-ladang lain..lihatlah di bawah..

          The difference was that this farm got a lot of Tillandsia or usually called air plants. One of my favourite plan. Like you see in this picture on the right side there was a large collection of air plants from South America..

          Kelainan yang ada di sini ialah seperti yang dapat dilihat di dalam gambar di atas iaitu di sebelah kanan tu lah terdapat banyak koleksi Tillandsia atau 'air plants' yang berasal dari benua Amerika..

          Rows of Vanda, Ascocenda and allied hybrids were hung in the front row to make it easier for visitors to purchase..

          Deretan orkid-orkid untuk jualan iaitu Vanda, Ascocenda serta hibrid-hibridnya yang lain digantung di barisan hadapan untuk memudahkan pengunjung..

At the far side and back, all young orchid plant were neatly hung..just like other farm..

        There was some unsual orchid scattered around that spark my interest but I have to look find one..

        Orkid jenis lain ada walaupun sedikit. Kena teropong di celah-celah Vanda dan Asco tu..tengok betul-betul..

Close up of flower of Tillandsia stricta..

        Some of these Tillandsia was for sale, but some are for propagation purposes..The owner said that he just started to collect these plants for his collection..Some are quite expensive, there some that I liked but thinking back, I can find it next time..may be cheaper..

        Pelbagai jenis Tillandsia ada di sini ada yang untuk dijual ada yang untuk dibuat benih, Tauke ladang ni cakap dia baru sahaja mengumpul pokok-pokok ni untuk koleksinya..Kalau yang dijual tu harganya boleh tahan mahal..ada juga yang berkenan tapi pikir-pikir balik biarlah dulu..nanti boleh cari lain..sebab rasanya boleh dapat yang murah lagi..

Bromeliad collections..

The pattern is nice..


There was also a collection of succulents grown in the farm

Selain orkid, Tillandsia ada juga pokok-pokok lendair yang ditanam di ladang ni.

A close up on one of the succulent..

Vandopsis gigantea, 
a native to Malaysia  and extending into parts of China..

         At the end of the visit here, I bought a few orchids for momento..after this there will be another farm waiting for us..

to be continued..

         Dah puas belek-belek pokok di sini ambil la orkid beberapa jenis buat kenang-kenangan..selepas ni ada satu lagi ladang orkid yang sedang menanti kedatangan kami


Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature. 
- Gerard De Nerval


  1. thank you for all your beautiful pictures. How far is it from bangkok centre to this garden ? I really want to visit it and find some tillandsia. Can you suggest me based on your experience? is it ok to buy a big quantity of them? do they ship the plants to Vietnam? thank you so much

  2. Hi I recently started collecting Air Plants, what's the best place to buy them in Bangkok and some idea on prices. Thanks. Jazz mail