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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Penang Botanic Gardens...

         Penang Botanic Gardens is a place where our Monthly Orchid Show was usually held. In Penang this was one of the must visit place for tourist who loves nature..During our show which I've already updated in my earlier post, I managed to take a stroll around the place just to take a photograph for this blog..To those who didn't have an opportunity yet, to visit Penang this is for your viewing pleasure..among the pictures, there was definitely some species of orchids that I managed to see up close growing wild in this botanic gardens..If you want to know more click here and here..

         Kebun Bunga Pulau Pinang adalah salah satu tempat di mana persatuan orkid kami menganjurkan pertandingan orkid bulanan..Kalau sesiapa yang datang ke Pulau Pinang dan sukakan kehijauan alam datanglah ke sini..Pada pertandingan orkid bulanan minggu lepas saya berkesempatan berjalan-jalan di sekitar Kebun bunga ini sambil mengambil gambar untuk dimuatkan di dalam blog..Ini untuk mereka yang belum pernah lagi datang ke sini atau ke Pulau Pinang..Di dalam gambar-gambar ini juga saya selitkan beberapa spesis orkid yang tumbuh liar di sini..

 Water features welcoming visitors outside the gate..

 What you shouldn't do..

  These are the animals that made this place popular..but beware of their mischevious nature..

Signs if you are not sure which direction..
anyway this is not a very big place, but still can make you sweat..

This tree is teem with Dendrobium acerosum..

Walking along the road while looking at the lush greenery.

   Bauhinia kockiana, a climber..native of Malaysia rainforest. 
Providing a splash of colour among the greens during the dry seasons

  Yellow Saraca or Pokok Gapis in Malay (Saraca cauliflora) 
a tropical tree originated from India to Malaysia..put out a display of yellow flowers

 A close up on the flower, look kinda like ixora

This is the orchidarium inside the Botanic gardens..
but it was not open to the public..can only see from the outside..

 Another view of the orchidarium

This is a  bromeliad's house..not open to the public, 
may be visitors can get inside upon a special request..

 A colony of Cymbidium finlaysonianum on a trunk of a tree

 This is midday, thats why not many visitors around..

I was walking in the heat of the and humid..
This is the normal condition in the tropics..

 A palm tree with its clusters of dark coloured fruits hanging among its fronds..

Blocked from view. On top of the Botanic garden, theres a waterfall, 
you can hear it but can't see because it was already turned into water reservoir..

 Until the rain comes the water in this stream will be abundant again..

 A gazebo looking towards the lush tropical forest..

 Dendrobium crumenatum..growing among the lichens..

 Another young Dendrobium crumenatum on a branch of a tree..

A colony of Taeniophyllum obtusum, 
a leafless orchids..the green roots provides the photosynthesis..

 Another Taeniophyllum obtusum..

 Still on Taeniophyllum obtusum spreading its roots among the mosses and lichens.

 Mosses, still green but looking a bit dry because of the dry seasons..

 Mosses growing on a dead twigs..

 Unidentified Eria species..

 Dendrobium acerosum..this can grow into a large clump..

Dendrobium acerosum is a miniature dendrobium, 
though small it flowers frequently right after the rainstorm, 
the habit is quite like Dendrobium crumenatum..

 Flowers usually comes out from the leafless portion of the stem once it matured..

Another close-up view..

Leather fern (Davallia trichomanoides) or Squirrels foot fern fronds 
underneath the dappled sunlight..

 Renanthera elongata seen here growing towards the sunlight..

 Another plant of this common Renanthera, hardly seen with flowers..

Swaying palms against the blue sky..
Its not often that you can get a clear blue sky like this in Malaysia 
especially around the hilly region..guess I got lucky today..

This is the betel nut palm. In Malay language it is called 'Pokok Pinang', 
where 'Penang' got its name from..

 Botanic gardens office located inside the compound..

 In countries with four seasons, this a a normal view in autumn but in tropical country, 
some deciduous tree like this will shed its leaves in dry seasons

A flower of a Cannonball tree. Smells sweet kinda sickening actually..
The tree is native to the tropical forests of northeastern South America, 
especially the Amazon Basin and in the tropics such as in India and Thailand.

 Living cannon ball..the fruit of the Cannonball tree..

 A view through the climbers, Bauhinia kockiana in the formal garden..

Last years Orchid Festival's posters..

There are other orchids here such as Aerides odorata..that I didnt get the picture.. usually grows high up on a tree..While up the Penang hills surely there are more orchids species that can be seen, hope that I can make that post next time..

                                                         Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature. 
                                                                             - Gerard De Nerval


  1. I enjoyed reading this post. Nice photos you have