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Monday, February 13, 2012

Jalan-Jalan Cari Orkid : Bangkok, Thailand..Part 5

          Next we went to Mr. Adisak's other farm..vandas and Ascocendas still dominating the scene..located just opposite each other..but the entrance was on the other side..

          Sambung lagi kali ni sampai di En. Adisak yang lagi satu...ladang ni masih juga didominasi oleh vanda dan Ascocenda.. Kedua-duanya terletak berdepan antara satu sama lain tetapi pintu masuk yang ini di sebelah belakang..

We were greeted with thousands of orchid seedlings still in a bottles..
waiting to be distributed or planted later..

Sampai-sampai saja di ladang tu nampaklah beribu-beribu botol yang penuh 
dengan anak-anak orkid disusun di kaki lima rumah..

Cleisostoma species with a striking colouration..

Unidentified Flickingeria species..a Dendrobium allies..

Cymbidium Golden Elf

  Down here were other decorative plants that I manage to snap during the visit..which I've found interesting..

Tillandsia Bulbosa

This is actually some kind of ferns..very exotic looking..
this fern actually originated from my country..

This is Golden lotus banana, Musella lasciocarpa. 
Other names is Chinese dwarf banana..

           Phyllanthus acidus :  In Malay it was called 'Buah cermai', other names are Otaheite gooseberry, Malay gooseberry, Tahitian gooseberry, country gooseberry, star gooseberry, West India gooseberry, simply gooseberry tree. Believed to be the native of Madagascar and the species has spread to most tropical and subtropical either cultivated for food, folk-medicine or as ornamental. Sourish fruit either consumed raw, pickled or used in the preparation of chutney. I've read somewhere, that here in Thailand, this tree was planted close to the entrance of the house compound to ward of evil spirits..

          Di Thailand pokok Cermai ni selalu ditanam di kawasan rumah terutamanya berhampiran pintu pagar untuk menghalau roh jahat..

A few surrounding scenes captured at the farm

Time to go hotel..

to be continued..

Masa untuk hotel..

bersambung lagi..

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