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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FOMOS Monthly Orchid Show 2012

Update on the first orchid show for the year 2012 organized by our society..

Organizer         : FOMOS ( Federation Of Malaya Orchid Society)
Venue               : Formal Garden, Penang Botanical Garden.
Date                 : 12th February 2012
Day                  : Sunday
Time                 : 12.00pm - 4.00 pm

 Ascocenda Sagarik Gold x Meda Arnold

 Dendrobium hybrid                           Cattleya dolosa

 Dendrobium Classic Gem

Bc. Maikai  x  Rlc. Haadyai Delight) 

 Rlc. Yen Corona

 Lc. Netrasiri Doll

 Potinara Little Toshie 'Yellow Rose'

 Potinara Thiti

Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song 'Orchid Center'

 Ionopsis utricularoides

 Dendrobium Gatton Sunray

 Dendrobium smilliae

 Paphiopedilum exul

 Oncidium La Pestora Gold

 Bc. Little Mermaid

                       Enanthleya Joseph Roman                   Ascocenda hybrid
                                'Roman Holiday'                        

 Cattleya nobilior var Amaliae

 Dendrobium Candy Stripe

 Dendrobium miniature type              Dendrobium Enobi Purple

 Bulbophyllum arfakianum                Bulbophyllum vinaceum

 Ascocenda Sagarik Gold

 Vanda hybrid

 Den. Frosty Dawn x Suzukii                 Den. Frosty Dawn

Dendrobium Kedah Frosty

 Vanda hybrid

 Best Plant of the Show..
Ascocenda Sagarik Gold

 Second place 
Dendrobium Burana Pearl 'Y2K'

How does the Meadow flower its bloom unfold? 
Because the lovely little flower is free down to its root, 
and in that freedom bold. 
- William Wordsworth