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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jalan-Jalan Cari Orkid : Bangkok, Thailand..Part 7

          Finally we arrived in Bangkok, there we go straight to Siam Orchid Centre, Here lots of orchids from all over Thailand were gathered in one place..In this place you can see many different species of orchids were sold and the price was also cheap..

          Akhirnya kami selamat tiba di Bandaraya Bangkok..Di sana kami terus ke Siam Orchid Centre..Di sini terdapat berbagai jenis orkid yang diambil dari seluruh Thailand untuk dijual di sini. Jadi ada banyaklah spesis orkid yang boleh dipilih..harga pun murah..

This place was not that big..

Tempat ni taklah besar mana pun..

Colourfuly displayed orchids in one of the stall..

Bunches of orchid, mainly Cattleya and dendrobium inside a box..

Di sini banyak terdapat orkid jenis Cattleya dan Dendrobium tapi nak cari yang 'special' susah..

A group of Phalaenopsis on a bench..inside one shop..

A nice display of orchids inside a basket..

Di Malaysia susah jumpa orang jual orkid buat display macam ni..


Other than orchids there were other plants such as these bromeliads..

Selain orkid, banyak juga jenis pokok hiasan lain seperti bromeliad ni..

 ..and also gardening products were abundant..

          Though it seemed that there was a lot of orchids here..very few that managed to catch my attention. I only bought three plants..We were also wanted to go to the famous Chattuchak Market just across the road, unfortunately they were closed that luck this time..otherwise there will be more variety of orchids that we can find..

           Thats the end of our visit here..we have to go to hotel to relax after almost a day travelling and shopping for orchids..

to be continued ..

           Walaupun nampak macam orkid di sini banyak, tapi hanya ada beberapa pokok saja yang menarik minat saya. Sebab yang ada di sini semua biasa saja.. Dapat la dalam tiga pokok saja untuk koleksi..Hajatnya jugak nak pi Pasar Besar Chattuchak, seberang jalan sikit saja, tapi tutup pulak hari tu...kalau tidak, di situ orkid lagi meriah..tak ada rezeki la kali ni..

            Sampai di sini lawatan kami..lepas ni nak pergi hotel, rehat.. setelah seharian dalam perjalanan dan membelek orkid..


Politeness is the flower of humanity. 
- Joseph Joubert



  1. Have you been to the Thailand Orchid Center, a private hydroponics farm? Let us use "to be continueD". Those are lovely photos!

  2. I am deaf,I love orchid which you plant them. How a lovely photos and colourfully orchids.

    1. Thanks Alvin..Glad that you love them, they are such a wonderful flower..